Are you interested in getting involved in how we shape local health services?

As the local leader of the NHS in Scarborough and Ryedale, we want to build a virtual network of local people with an interest in healthcare so they can help us to ensure local health services meet the needs of our communities.

As a member of The Loop, you will have the opportunity to influence the development of local health services and work with us to improve them.

How much you get involved is entirely up to you and you don’t need any specific knowledge or experience of the NHS.

As well as keeping you updated with the latest news from our CCG, we will also contact you to see if you are interested in taking part in surveys, focus groups, meetings and events about the services we commission.

To make this as relevant as possible, please let us know your specific areas of interest.

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We want to build a network that reflects our community and make sure everyone has the opportunity to get involved. To help us to do this, please answer the following questions.

A bit more about you

We’d like to get an idea about why you are joining The Loop and if you have any other local networks that you’re involved with. Please tick any/all that apply from the following (please note that you do not have to be a member of any other networks to join The Loop):

Confidentiality and Data Protection: In accordance with current UK Data Protection legislation, any information you provide on this form will be kept secure, treated confidentially, and only used for the purposes of developing and maintaining our public engagement via The Loop membership. Your personal information will not be shared with any other agencies. If at any time you wish to leave the database please contact us.